Selling off my Zam...sad day.


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Unfortunately, with a new job and the possibility of little ones, (not including my little Boba husband who we are still working on), my Zam has gone by the way-side and will need to be retired permanently. I have several pieces of things that I will be looking to sell, and I am willing to negotiate (although most of the items have never seen the light of day and are BRAND NEW). I am so grateful to everyone who helped me, and everyone who has been so patient and kind. Thanks you guys!

Below is a list of the items I have available:

1. A complete (unfinished) resin gauntlet set from JDFett
2. A complete (unfinished) resin greeblie set from JDFett
3. Boots that are not dyed, size 6.5, that are a perfect match
4. Several square feet of leather
5. All of the leather dying colors and a spray can airbrush
6. All of the leather squares, pre-cut, to measurements for a proportionate Zam of about 5' tall
7. Might be some things I am leaving out! Just ask!

I am willing to sell this batch all together or as separate transactions. Just PM me with your terms and ideas. I really hope these things will help the aspiring Zams-to-be!


Active Hunter :( Sorry to see you go - though I do understand. Hope your Zam-things find a good home, as I'm sure they will.


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Hey, my girlfriend needs a good 501st costume :)

Any chance we could talk about a sale? What are you looking for, and what I'm looking to pay? Negotiate it that way I suppose?

- Fitz


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PM sent, Drake.

I'm sorry, JDFett. :-( Good news is, Stephen is still actively working on his Boba, so we are not gone from TDH for good!

I might see you guys at D*Con this year, anyhow. Just not as Zam. ;-)


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Leather pieces, leather dye, and additional unused leather is sold! However, greeblies, boots, and gauntlets are still for sale! :) Thanks!