Selling my Zam stuff...


As much as this pains me, I've come to grips with the reality that no where in the near future am I going to have the money to complete my Zam costume the right way. Between paying on student loans, planning a wedding, plus an upcoming move, there is just no way I can afford or devote the time to this project. :cry

Therefore, I'm reluctantly selling all these beautifully made pieces I've acquired over the past few years.

Here is what I have for sale:

*SOLD!* - 1 Zam Helmet made by Dustin Crops Boy
** This has been sitting on a self, but the left side ear cup has partially disconnected from the helmet and will need a repair - glue and bondo would do the trick, I just haven't had time to patch it up

*SALE PENDING* - 1 Set of Lower Armor/Moon piece by Zam I Am

*SALE PENDING*- 1 Set of Greeblies/leather straps by Zam I Am
** Only one greeblie had a base coat of paint on it from when I did start painting it a while ago lol

- 6 Yards of Neoprene from the original run Zam I Am did, and this is uncut

- Hose Connectors:
- One set of black, measuring about an 1 1/2" across *SALE PENDING*
- One set of black, measuring about an 1" across
- One set of grey, measuring about 1 1/2" across *SOLD*

*SOLD!* - One oxidized set of beads by MonCal

If there is anyone interested drop me a pm or an email:

I really, REALLY want these to go to a good home since they are such wonderful pieces! Also, a good home is a place where they WILL NOT BE RECAST. There has been so much hard work done on these pieces that I would hate to see someone do that to a TDH member, so please honor that request.

~ Katie
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Loss for the Zam community, big time!

We'll miss you!

That being said... drop me a line if your helmet isn't already claimed. Mine is trying its very hardest to die.
Katie had been trying her best to keep her stuff ~ but alas! It has to go. She emailed me about it awhile ago. :( Seriously it is a really big loss to zam community. I am sad to see you sell it. First DCB, now you. Ragressen is staying strong, he's holding onto it for dear life like a raft on the titanic. He was thinking about letting go of his stuff, but it didn't go through. Katie congrats on the engagement!!! Didn't know you were gonna get hitched!?!? Pm me details. ;)
We're dropping like Zam's at the Outlander! :( I'm glad we have some new ones coming in though! :D

Sorry to see you go HothGirl, though understandable. Congrats on the engagement!
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