For Sale Seeker's Jetpack Harness Interest. For Jango Fett and other Jetpacks.

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There's seems to be an interest for these harnesses again. These will be V5 with added mesh for cooling. Picture here shown with mesh is an old harness, but the same idea.

Harness are made of leather and are made for comfort and balance of the Jetpack. But no means is meant to look like the real thing. This harness also works with any other Jetpack. All you need to do is rivet the strap onto your Jetpack and voila. Here's a Flickr link to more pics of older setups and tips on how its used.

$75.00 shipped.

1. Jayception - Paid
2. Raestin - Paid
3. JangoTim - Paid
4. Hvacdon - Paid
5. SilverBlueMando - Paid
6. Skyfire - Paid
7. Lighty2627 - Paid
8. Lou Battaino - Paid
9. Cbrant - Paid
10. Chewie - Paid
11. EricG96 - Paid
12. Tfett40 - Paid
13. Jennari - Paid.
14. Azrayel74 - Paid
15. Merc247
16. Moonworker - Paid
17. Ocazio Cruz Thrax - P




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