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What is the easiest - quickest - most effective way for attaching each of the various pieces of armor (and Jet Pack too)

This is for a mannequin display piece only, and do not need the security that most that wear their suits do. But I don't want pieces falling off the display either.

Please share the specifics of your various techniques for each of the pieces.

I duct taped them for positioning and temporary 'showing', but this is going to be a permanent fixture now, and I'd like to get them on good, once and for all.

Help me out with your tutorials you experienced ones (Pics would be great too).

Much Appreciated,
ON a mannequin? I'd Glue it right to the vest. The Jet Pack well You can attach it right to the backplate, and the collar around the neck holds it up. Thats what I would probubly do.
Thanks for the input...

However (my bad), it's a PVC skeleton for the 'mannequin', so there is no real mounting surface... As far as the backpack is concerned...

What type of strap / harness configurations are recommended???

Thanks again
Most strap system's are nylon wedding threw the backplate holes. Then those strapes go over your shoulders to ajoin to pieces that go around your chest.
My plan is to use sticky-adhesive velcro on the back side of the armor. And sew the opposite piece on the vest/jumpsuit. Possibly more than just one piece of velcro for more stability. This design allows for the jupsuit to be used with mutiple styles of armor on top. Or you can mix and match the different styles to look like a ghetto Mandalorian.

You can also glue pieces of the velcro to your manequin if you have one, so you can store them on the dummy.

Just my plan of attack for my armor. (y)
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