Searching for mandalorian costume


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Hello! I'm just trying to find a general idea for costs on creating a full mandalorian cosplay. Being as I have no artistic ability, I'm looking to pay someone to create a costume for me. I'm small, only 5'1 and can discuss measurements upon requests. I've been waiting YEARS to get a personally made set and hopefully can make this dream of mine happen while supporting an artist. Thanks to everyone in this community who would be willing to help this foundling out.

Mythos Fenn

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Are you looking to build a custom Mandalorian kit or The Mandalorian's kit from the show? If you are looking to make your own custom kit, generally the Mandalorian Mercs forums are the place to be. A lot of members double dip but the majority of painters/ builders here are mostly Fetts - though I am sure they could assist with a custom build as well as they do awesome work.