SE Fett Armor Color Touch-up/repaint suggestions, other misc Q's


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Hello all!

I come before you looking for some advice on modifying my SE Fett's armor colors. Here he stands at the moment:


Years ago when I painted this, for the ESB helmet paint up I followed the colors laid out in the stickied MindMeister map (Boba Fett Paint Colors) which I feel gave me a fantastic result for the bucket. I believe the green for the dome and cheeks was Humbrol 78 "Cockpit Green". When painting the armor, I can't quite recall *where* I sourced the suggested colors from, but I used Model Masters "Medium Green", which came out pretty rich and it always bothered me slightly how clearly it contrasted with the helmet.

Anyways, I'm looking to fix that! I know the SE greens are not identical, but anything to bring the armor a little more in sync with the helmet is the goal. My two options are: Strip the armor paint entirely and start from scratch (oh boy), or mist over/touch up the green with either another more muted green or other weathering colors. Any suggestions on paint strategy/colors for this?

Also as a tangent, the clear coat I used for the silver layer and sealing the paint job was Rustoleum's matte clear, and my two big issues with it were that it REALLY sucked the luster out of the silver, and also didn't quite matte it enough to give me a perfect look (you can see the shine in the photo). Does anyone have a good silver/matte combo suggestion that they find works great for these purposes? Or any general tips to make the silver damage pop more.

As always, love this community, would appreciate any and all feedback, thank you!


Hi I’m Bobert!
1) I don’t think the green is the issue. I don’t think it’s matte enough and it doesn’t appear to have much weathering especially the grey misting.

2) The return edges on the armor need to be sanded down a bit.

3) Check superjedi ’s thread here! He discusses weathering, colors, etc! Superjedi’s SE armor