Scratchbuilt ROTJ ala WOF.


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So it's time to move on and this will be my second attempt (nice landlord threw out my half completed JP months ago).
Printing out Alan's templates is like opening a Christmas gift for me now......I can't wait to get started.
SO here we go. lots of scissor and tape work for me today.



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Well, I guess day one was productive. I accomplished alot more than expected. The blueprints are foolproof........print 'em out, trace and cut the plastic. No brainer. WoF got the curve on the back of the JP perfect, which was a concern of mine trying to bend sintra in three directions at once. I'm very much looking forward to getting the base pack finished so I can move on to the funky complex curves on the rocket itself, and the Thruster balls............(no Idea how I'm going to pull those off).




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Where did you get the templates from? I will probably start on this project this week since I will be getting my airbrush in soon.


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Nice work!!

The rocket is the most difficult part it took me two trys before I got the mock-up to look right. what I am planning on doing for the final version is to take a dowel and use it as the center support, drilling holes through the top and bottom disks for each section and gluing them to the dowel first. Then wrapping the outer skin around the whole mess. this should help keep everything straight.

Can't wait to see the finished product.


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I am going to try to get started on Monday, then maybe next week start painting since my airbursh should be in by late this week.


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Little more progress last night. Mounted the side panels, top tank, and started work around the central column.

DonnieDarko688 the plastic is all 3mm sintra from a local sign shop and a for sale sign I had lying around from the last helmet.



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So I'm goofing around with the bottom endcaps for the fuel tanks.........trying to figure out an easy way to make them.
So. I slam bondo into the bottom of a small spray can, put a screw
in it........wait for it to cure and pull it out. I'll tweak em a bit before they
go on, but I think they fit the shape nicely.


Stuff is like silly putty. Even picked up the serial numbers on the bottom of the can.