scratchbuilt keyholes


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With the help of Wizard of Flight, I built a new keyhole detail based on his amazing drawing and scaled overlay he made up for me. Thanks a bunch Alan(y) Your talent continues to help us all. The best part of the new piece was that I was able to cleanly incorparate the MQ-1 right into the casting, meaning no more cutting and filing away the holes. It takes a fraction of the time to plug in the new detail than to do all the other work.

Thanks again Alan! keep up the good work.:)



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I've always used that area to install a flow-through screen for air circulation. Will the standard version still be offered, which might be easier to Dremel out?
I probably will offer these pieces out if guys are interested in them. In about a month my revised bucket will be available and this will be the detail included. I'm doing this because its far more screen accurate.
I was lucky enough to get one of these, definitely an improvment over the old ones which were a major pain.
I actually sanded out the molded-in MQ-1 chip and replaced it with my cast I got, but it still looks very similar (I am aware my camera blows).



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In about a month my revised bucket will be available and this will be the detail included.

Oh great, in a little more than a month or so I am going to have another helmet that I have to paint up. Thanks a lot Jordi ;)
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