Scratchbuilt Armor Progress Thread


I originally planned on only building a , but on completion of that I succomed to the costuming bug and decided to build the rest of the costume. Using wizardofflight's templates and the instructions AFettfullofDollars provided on making armor from a trashcan, I cut out the chest pieces and shoulder bells from a trashcan using a various sharp insturments, dremeled out the dents, then primed and painted them silver. Now, the lengthy process of painting it begins. Does anyone have any suggestions for painting on the and? That part seems difficult. Also, the armor isn't backwards, thats my webcam. Feel free to comment.
Photo 171.jpg
Photo 172.jpg
Before i read the last part I was going to say it's backwards, but now no problem there

As far as painting the symbols on, I found it's easiest to print out the logos (1:1 size) and sketch the rough outlines onto the armor. Then go in later once you have your base coats down and start detailing with the images in front of you.

If all else fails, or you don't think you can paint them, decals are available

For the shoulder skull I printed out the image 1:1, and after masking and spraying the white bar I cut out the skull with a sharp xacto, taped it over the shoulder bell and lightly traced it with a pencil then went back and painted it with a brush (this was after painting the yellow and before final weathering). For the chest emblem I printed it out 1:1 in color, cut it out with a (again *sharp*) xacto and used spray-mount to attach it to the armor (again before final weathering). Good luck!

-rocky b
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