Scratchbuilding tools


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With the flood of scratchbuilt costumes being seen on this forum, I would like to see what some of you use to cut, glue, fill, sand, etc. This could be an informative tool to some of us new to propmaking.

I use a razorknife
to cut pretty much everything, Quik Steel
and Quik Plastic as filler, and to strengthen weak joints. Super glue(mostly for gluing me back together after I cut myself), hot glue, and Tenax-7r
to glue plastics. (The hot glue is just to "tack" in place). The Tenax-7r is like model cement, but it doesnt melt the plastic as much, and it creates a weld-like bond.(open the windows for this stuff). It is hard to find, so look in hobby shops and online for it.
I use a sponge sanding block
to sand everything. I like these, because the pressure you use is equal to the amount of stuff you want to clear away. It is like having an assortment of sandpaper on one block. I use Fimo polymer clay to sculpt small stuff that is too detailed (or dangerous to my fingers) to cut into shape.

I hope this is of some use to someone out there. Let me know what you are using.

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I haven't used the QuikSteel brand epoxy putty, but something similar.
That's great stuff!!
And I should buy stock in some super glue companies. I probably go through 20 or 30 tubes of super glue a year on various projects.