Scratch built Gauntlet progress

:eek: AWESOME, I sadly dont have the time money or skill needed to make scratch gauntlets, so i get cardboard ones :cry Great Job!!
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:eek: :eek: :eek: Holy Cow! Those gauntlets are soo cool! :D

Makes me want to try and build some! But i don't think i have the skills :facepalm unlike you my friend!

Congrats (y)

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Thanks for the the above - I just added pics of my "almost" finished left gauntlet. I need to paint the dental expander red and it looks like I need a thinner rocket piece, this one was the best I could find. I also included a comparison pic of MOM, FP's and mine - I hope this was ok to do just to show size comparison.
FP rocks, I used alot of his pics as ref, they were THAT GOOD!
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