Scratch-built DC-15 Carbine

Gonzo Fett

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Happy Saint Patty's Day!
I just wanted to share this w/ you all.
My boyfriend is much to modest to post his work on here. But I have been taking photos of it. He started on this project on Monday and has spent total on materials about twenty five dollars and some change.
He found the templates on Don't have the link. But will be posting the templates on the photobucket account later. I am assuming they were from WOL templates. He working on it as we speak. He has had DC-15 on the brain this WHOLE week. At this point it is about 60% done.
Will be posting more photos as he makes more progress.

Any questions or suggestions go ahead and post. I will get Danny on here to reply to them.

Dha Syntir

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Since buying an old AOTC era clone bucket, I've got the bug. The one that makes you decide to start another expensive set-o-armor. You guys ever get that?:facepalm Anyway, I was also kicking around the idea of making my own DC-15 with the templates you used. It seems to me that almost all of the home made models seem to be carved out of a pine 2" x 4". You have the right idea though, laminating layers of waferboard together. Much easier to cut and shape one would think. Please keep your pics coming, and a written tutorial of some sort would be helpful to alot of us I would imagine...Maybe just some tips to make the job easier or the like perhaps. Very well done so far-I can't wait to see the finished product!



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That's coming out sweet! Did you have a parts list for it? It's coming out great, and I wouldn't mind trying this for my GM's carbine. Alot cheaper than buying a resin one!