Scope question again !!!!!


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Ok ppl.....steady yourselfs :lol:

i have yet another scope question which i have been unable to find the answer to (probably through stupidity)

I have noticed that several ppl recommend the Tasco 4x15 scope (or similar) for the blaster. this is fine except the recommeded scope only seems to have one flared end, where as the blaster scope seems to have two flared ends. What gives :confused Do i need to buy two scopes?

sorry if this is a stupid question but i really can't find an answer


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DL44 Blaster said:
Tasco 4x20.....simple, cheap and available.


Thats looks fantastic, is it ok for length though as the pics i have make it look kinda short.

Other than that thank you very very much. :) :) :)