saxe coburg's early work on gauntlets


got some work done on his fp esb guantlets, i wanted to show em off some...




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(Thanks for hosting those pics babe)

Yeah, I finally getting around to working on my gauntlets, in preparation to getting married.

The gauntlets are FettPride… I think I bought them in early 2006… The uppers are fiberglass; the lower half is vacuumed formed. I’ve bondoed the seam and epoxied nuts on the back of the whip-cord-thingy and the hose-attachment. I than used (stainless steel) alien head screws to mount them to the main body.

I know the metal push buttons are not 100% screen accurate (OH the SHAME!), but I thought they looked a lot better than the toggle switches I see all too often. Also the black push button is not correct, but it’s the closet I could find. Maybe one day I’ll up grade.

The left gauntlet is in the same “almost ready to paint” condition, I just haven’t had time to take pics… sad thing is… when I add up the gauntlets, LEDs, switches, metal darts, metal “rocket” and machined metal flame thrower… I’ve got well over $600 invested.

PLEASE somebody put me out of my misery before I spend any more money on this costume!!!
:love :lol:
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