Ruffkintoy Ammo belt list


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Just wanted to let those know who have paid that some of the belts should be going out soon, as they go out I will edit this again to show who's have shipped.

I am thinking of doing a run of these, I have made some for a few people here already and thought I would go public with them:)
They are made from vinyl and the pouches are non functinal. I can do ESB, ROTJ or custom.
Price per belt will be about $80.00 shipped in the USA. Outside the USA will be more depending on location.
Here are pictures of a ROTJ belt, I will get ESB belt pictures later.
Post here if you are interested and I will make a list. I would like to get at least 10 people.
1. TK-409 ROTJ *Shipped*
2.E2K13 ESB *Shipped*
3.alfredsson ROTJ *Shipped*
4.Geo ROTJ *Shipped*
5.The Admiral ROTJ *Shipped*
6.Rednave ROTJ *Shipped*
7.BelaLugosi ESB and Black custom ROTJ *Shipped*
8.billy1974 ESB *Shipped*
9.cal196 ROTJ *Shipped*
10.Darksaber212 ESB *Shipped*
11.Almosttk ESB *Shipped*





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for any of those looking for an ammo belt, this is the place to come. Chuck's ammo belts are some of the best i've seen. Chuck always takes pride in all his work, and it always blows my mind at what a good job he does. i bought one from him, and it is the best. if you need an ammo belt, Chuck is the person you need to talk to. :) thanks Chuck,
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I am IN for an ESB belt!
Those are the best I have seen!

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Mark me down for 1 ESB belt Chuck!
If the quality in any way matches that of the gauntlets you put together, I know I will be greatly pleased to own one of these belts.
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Must have an ROTJ! :)

I'm in for one.

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Put me down for two:

an ESB and a custom (black) if possible. PM me if not.
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Hey Chuck, is the list still open? If so, I will take an ESB. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Bill


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Not to late to get on the list:) Just let me know what style you want and I will add you.
Oh,Mike if you order one now you will have it before March 1st for sure:)