Ruffkin Gauntlets finished


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hey guys, got my gauntlets done...well, mostly...i have a little bit of damage to do on the right gauntlet on the outside bottom, but wanted to get these posted since i had the chance to get to a computer...just for the record, the missile head is a drill bit from sears that i picked up since the one that came with the kit had too many bubbles in it for me to work with without totally destroying it...:lol: no offense, Chuck!! my skills arent that good yet with the dremmel and epoxy...i think i did a little bit too much on the upper part of the right gauntlet, but i am ok with it...i didnt want to have to go back and paint again...:lol: so we will deal...let me know what you guys think!! thanks for the input...

pictures were too big again, so i am going to resize them...







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well, apparantly i dont know how to delete the attatchments, or make the pics smaller...sorry for so many pics guys, and for them being so dang big...:facepalm

Mojo Fett

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Not Bad D... looking good. ya mite want to dirty them up a bit tho? still very shiny... (y)

So what the deal with the front cone? was it so bad a cast to repair?
Maybe shoot Chuck a PM and ask for another front cone...


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i dont know if it was that bad or not...i have no idea what to compare this cast too to a good one :facepalm...the little holes in the missile head had little bubbles and bumps in them...they werent REALLY bad, but when i tried to drill them out a little, i got them too i did the drill bit instead...i know its not accurate, but i like the look of it, and i will do an aluminum one eventually...i want DougieFett's blaster, so that is where the money will go after the armor, and caboots...
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