ruffkin gauntlet rennovation


Sr Hunter
so, my gauntlets were one of the first things i built when i started my fett.

the paintjob was "meh", as was the assembly.

over time they have broken in numerous places. i've been trying to hold off on doing anything to them since i'll be snapping up some FG ones when they become available.

anyway, they got to the point where they needed some love.

when i built them i used steel rods for the hose connectors, and planned on having 3 hoses.

i've since decided that the hoses bug the BLEEP out of me, so i'm only going to use 1.

i replaced the steel rods with wood, and for the 1 hose i plan to actually have on there, i used a brass hose fitting, which holds MUCH better than a smooth bar.

in the process, i lost one of the little darts. a new set has been ordered though!

much of my damage to the gauntlets was from bending them open to get them on/off. i had glued 1 side and velcroed the other. now there's a hinge on one side. i was going to try magnets to hold them closed, but it didn't seem strong enough for parts subject to so much abuse. industrial velcro it is.

then i fixed the LED. i had a red LED right next to a switch, but it wasn't wired into the switch. now it is, and i don't have to pull the battery every time.

from there a quick repaint. i latex masked my old damage, sprayed over them with rustoleum "claret wine" and black, then peeled back the latex. i also hadn't done the damage very accurately before, so i added some topical weathering to the mix while i was there.

then i mounted my russrep rocket, metal dental expander and real mq-1 keypad. all of these can be stripped off when upgrade time comes, but i was tired of having them around and not using them!

once they were all together i did a quick black wash over it all to dirty things up a bit.

i still need to paint the keycaps on the mq-1, but generally things are much nicer in gauntlet-land (though heavier with the new rocket!)