Ruby Red Plexiglass Visors

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I sincerely wanted to post better news than this but I'm afraid my quest to use a "comic accurate" visor for my Jaster Mereel has ended in failure. I bought some sweet plexiglass from my plastics supplier the other day and really hoped that it would make a great visor.

1) Holy shatner but this stuff can take the heat. I hit it with my heat gun on full blast at almost point blank range for just about 2 minutes and barely got it to bend even a little.

2) SNAP! As soon as I put a bit of pressure on it it snapped like cracker.

3) I picked up a big chunk and put in place and checked it out in the mirror. I could see my face as plain as day even through effectively 2 layers of plexiglass. It's almost too dark to see though but waaaaaay to easy to see my face through. How am I supposed to check out the chicks when they can see my beady little eyes? hahaha

I might try to find a mirrored red replacement motorcycle visor but for now I'll just go with the standard dark green face shield. {sigh}
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Well dosnt that suck. Im not sure how the plexiglass would work, but only 2 minutes of heat? The Bobamaker visor I have took about a good 6-9 minutes using a blow dryer to start to shape up a bit. Dont give up though on the ruby red color yet, Im sure you can find a better one elsewere online.



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I used smoked plexiglass on the mc chris helmet, and it worked great, perhaps it has something to do with it being red? We have red plex, maybe I'll play with some of it.


Why not two layers? The front layer in red, and then smoke behind it. The red layer will give a red tint to the reflection and the smoke layer will give the privacy.

Alternatively, you could go with black screen on the inside of a red visor or use window tinting film on the inside.