General Rub'n buff + black stripes


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I am now looking for the little things needed on the Jango costume, more specific the Rub'n Buff and the black stripes on his helmet. I have found a Rub'n Buff, but I wanted to make sure it's the correct one:$%28KGrHqV,!qcFGlD1hijYBRvT-D%28R1!~~60_57.JPG
And as for the black stripes, I read that automotive pinstriping is the thing, but what size do I need?
Any help and links or whatever would be great!
Thanks for your time, guys


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You're looking for the silver leaf R and B. If that's what the link is than you're good to go with that. You can find it at Michaels or similar craft stores.
The pin striping should be 1/8" wide, and should be readily available at auto stores and on