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Hello. I need everyone's opinion who has experience in this department. I don't have deep pockets, unfortunately but I am willing to pay a little extra for good quality, though I can't afford 3 or 4 hundred dollar helmets.

My question is are the Jango and Boba helmets that are manufactured by Rubies any good? I know they aren't the highest in quality, but if they aren't crap either, I would consider them. For those of you who have worked with Rubies helmet, is the visor replaceable with a better quality t-visor?

Please help! My son's birthday is very soon. Thanks!
Size is really the big problem with the Rubies Jango helmet. It really depends on the size of the person who's going to wear it. If its for your son & he's a little guy, then it might work. The Rubies Boba is just a big NO! It's way to misshapen. You might want to consider a 95 or 96 Don Post Boba helmet, or a fiberglass recast of a 95. They pop up on ebay often & they aren't as expensive as the 300.00 and up helmets.
Hope this helps!
Wow, I hadn't even considered size. Thank you very much for the help. This could have been a 60 dollar plus shipping and handling mistake! My son is going to be 15 so he's not a little guy. Thanks again!
I like my Rubies. But it did need to be reworked for shape.
Repainted and a new visor and I was good to go.
As for size: I'm 6 foot, 175# .
It's your build that matters. You don't want it to look like a pea setting on a watermelon.

Nice outfit wannabe. Well, Halloweenbros has Rubies helmets for both Jango and Boba. I am 6' tall too, and about 175 as well with size 32 waisteline. If that's the exact same helmet, then it looks pretty good.

Is you jumpsuit grey? Anyway, I am going to hold out for a 95 Don Post type or a recast of an MSH.

I appreciate the input from both sides.

Skalen Fehl wrote:

I am going to hold out for a 95 Don Post type or a recast of an MSH.

Hit eBay. 96's pop up ocassionally, but you have to be careful - especially with the ones that are being sold from Hong Kong. Many times they'll say it's a "1996" because that's what's on the copyright date on the back of the BOX. You want to verify the copyright date on the back of the HELMET (have them open the box and read the date stamped into the back of the helmet). I can't tell you the number of 1997 helmets I've seen in 1996 boxes. It can ba a costly mistake! :(

DP 96's can be fairly nice. Some are warped (like ALL of the 97's), but sometimes you get lucky. 95's are nice, but impossible to find these days. I've seen them go for $150+ on eBay. If I was going to pay THAT much, I'd save some more and get a better helmet (MSH, etc.).

Good luck! :)
Yup, what Tyler said. You can find recasts of all of the DP helmets including the Deluxe, but you shouldn't find a recasted MSH. Of the 20 or so of them made, none were to be recasted. The original mold is no more.

Keep an eye on The Cargo Hold as there are decent helmets listed there all the time. If you don't mind your neck being exposed or your chin showing whenever you open your mouth, then you may be happy with a Rubie's helmet. Just remember that they are made of a flimsy material and are very prone to warping. Nothing worse than investing a lot of time into modifying one of these only to see it turn to mush on the first warm day you leave it in your car.
Just wanted to chime in on the Rubies Jango helmet. Yeah...they are a little smaller to most people. Just to let you know....most Jango helmets don't always represent the pictured helmet that usually is advertised. Usually one or two popular photos are used to sell them. So don't be too shocked if you order a helmet and you notice that it's not as shiny and the black pin-striping is missing. Also, even though it's the least expensive Rubies,don't be fooled into getting the 2 piece helmet. A buddy of mine thought he could "spruce" up a two piece mask to save money but in the long run, he wound up spending more money than predicted. All I can say is just get what you can afford. If it were me...I would aim for the Don Post '95 or '96.
Wow, thanks tyler, fettish, and jangle. This is all great info.

Like I said, I'm new at this so your info and experience is so valuable. I appreciate all the input. There is no way I want my chin showing.

I think the helmet is where I'll be focusing my efforts. Sounds to me like the helmet is what makes/finishes the costume. If you have a good costume and a second rate helmet, the look is lost.

Well, I will be in the market for both a Boba and Jango if anyone has any leads...
Kewlness. Thanks Jodo. Got your PM. I'm gonna wait a while. I want to work on the less expensive stuff for now so I can save up. My son is going to come work for me this summer so he can save up and help out with his Boba.

This is going to be cool. :D
I just wanted to add that you need to watch out for ad's saying that the helmet is a DP 95 or 96 mask. I bought one of those for $25 bucks great deal I thought, until it arrived. Man that thing was ugly. Warped all over, with the flat head. The old saying is true "You get what you pay for". But my youngest Boba loves it.

Wow, TK..Well, at least your son loves it. How old is he? Make him some custom Boba Fett pajamas to go with the helmet! That would be cool!
Is you jumpsuit grey?

No the jumpsuit is a mix of blues and purple. I found the mix on a post here somewhere. I like the way it came out, and my wife tells me " It's OK for men to be in purple." So it must be OK.:lol:
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i have a rubies boba , and its larger than all the post helmets i have , and has a nice shape ( after i heated and reshaped it ), since the repaint its now my main costume helmet ( untill my mystery helmet shows up) to come soon

wanabe a fett wrote:

I like my Rubies. But it did need to be reworked for shape.
Repainted and a new visor and I was good to go.
As for size: I'm 6 foot, 175# .
It's your build that matters. You don't want it to look like a pea setting on a watermelon.

so ya got something against us fatty fetts?....LOL!!
Well, a friend in my local 501st garrison bought a rubies Jango and I tried it on. I didn't look in the mirror and open my mouth, but it fit me fine aside from the cheeks being a bit tight. Not much room for foam padding or accessories. Another in my garrison has a 96 DP which you all got to see me wear in the parade video I shared over the holidays. I think so I will need to compare them again!
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