RS Voice amps back in stock in Canada?!?.....

Newbie Rod Darmaga here,

I was callin' around trying to find a voice amp - RS up here in Ontario claims that stock #32-2015 never existed, never mind being discontinued.

So I checked typed in voice amp & voila:

NEW STOCK #: 321-2015, to be in stock @ the end of the month.

FYI $50CAN is roughly $40US, so it looks like they've gone up a little...

Can anyone confirm that this is the same 1??...
Richmond Hill, dude, eh!

Called Hillcrest - as I noted above, they will have warehouse stock @ the end of the month!!

Interesting to see what the US is doing - saw a thread re: amps where RS US replied that they only had 1,000 units scattered in US...
Weird. According to their description, the new one uses one single AA battery, sold separately, that lasts 5 hours. What the heck is that all about? What happened to needing six AA batteries?
Hmmm..not sure about that

So closedwheel, you said these would be in at the end of April or May? I'm incredibly anxious to grab a couple!
will us fett heads in the US be able to order these online through ?? or can one of our northern fett brothers help us out. i want to get one before they disappear

O.k., o.k.,

I'll get my rear over to the Shack the minute they have them & see what's up w/ this single batt thing etc. & will post my findings asap, I promise!

For u US guys I would contact ur local Shack to see if u can get that part #...

I just got an email back from my local store, they said their warehouse was supposed to get them April 29th, and that they should be in store any day now.
Well it looks like the warehouse probably has them, the site changed from saying "COMING SOON" to "NEW", but they can't be ordered for a few more days yet from talking to all the stores in my area.
HOORAY! It has arrived!

That "single AA battery" thing is wrong, it still takes 6. Man that thing is nice and loud :D

Fetts/troops in Canada, pick one up soon if you don't have one already!
All our Canadian buddies need to become resellers to the states for these things. I'm sure there are a few people out there that could use them.
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