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Hi everyone. I've found Braid sizes and what's needed for ESB but can't find ROTJ sizes and the threads, beads, leather ties etc. Has anyone got the sizes and where to tie stuff etc. I've seen the 501st ones but there's no sizes of the length of braid etc for ROTJ. MANY THANKS ADIE, England


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I received from Woodman, a couple weeks ago, my ROTJ Wookie Braids!

As you may or may not know, Woodman's ESB or ROTJ braids are one of the, if not thee most sought after braids in the Fett buisness. As such, his braids come to you with that 501st Level II "Infamous" Certification (or so I'm told).
501st CLR - ROTJ Wookie Braids.jpg

Regarding the measurements of each braid, I'm no expert by any means, I did however use a cloth measuring tape to get the measurements you requested. Woodman's braids are made as a one size fits all. So, I'm assuming he makes them the same, no matter who orders his braids.

I wanna preface that these are approxomates measurements. Even though the braids are tied up, I can see that 6 braids are being used for the ROTJ Fett, ya go! Hope this helps....

1) Blonde Braid = 44 inches
1 - Blonde - Start and End.jpg

2) Brown Braid = 46 inches
2 - Brown - Start and End.jpg

3) Grey/Silver Braid = 21 and 1/2 inches
3 - Grey Silver - Start and End.jpg

4) Black Braid = 25 inches
Black - Start and End.jpg

5) Black/Blonde = 28 and 1/2 inches
Black Blonde - Start and End.jpg

6) Black/Blonde with 2 Pineapple Knots = 23 and 1/2 inches
Black Blonde PA Knots - Start and End.jpg

Again, these measurements are just approxomates. Hope this helps you out!



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