Want to Buy ROTJ SE Parts for Mythos build


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Looking to piece together an SE Fett. Sell me your stuff plz lol. I currently need the following.
1) Armor - ACQUIRED
2) Gauntlets w hoses - ACQUIRED
3) Jetpack
4) boots (size 10.5)
5) belt (34-36 inches)
6) Girth belt (34-36 inches)
7) Gloves (size large) - ACQUIRED
8) pulce sidearm
9) ee-3 - ACQUIRED
10) jetpack harness/rig
11) shin tools
12) spats
13) wookie braids
14) flightsuit (sized for a person of 6ft and 220llbs athletic build)
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Why do you need a sidearm if you're building an SE?

I have the braids you need that I got from Woodman here. I will be shipping out from Singapore tho. Pm me if you're keen.


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Yeah I can do the ammo and girth belts. If the sale with Tennantlim falls through I have the braids too. Just pm me.