ROTJ - Left Gauntlet


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Hello Fellow Fett's,
I'm presently in the middle of my ROTJ Build, when I noticed something today on the 501st Website. I know that Boba Fett is an ever evolving costume, as we learn new things each day. but was curious about this slight change up on his left gauntlet.....

Here is an older pic I have from the 501st website in February of this year.
501st - Left Gauntlet - Old.jpg

It seems around March of this year the picture changed. And here is the new picture that I just noticed....
501st Left Gauntlet - New.jpg

You'll notice at the end of flame thrower housing there is a piece (I outlined it in Yellow). Although it only appears that you have to have this if you are going for a Level 2 Certification, but still noticeable. Has anyone sourced what this may be? or have a closer pic of it? I'm guessing that since this is coming from the 501st that this is "Screen Accurate"?

But the Boba in me, says.....
Boba's Question.jpg



Hey Iron
It’s small plastic lip/moulding around the outer edges. Some vendors are now offering the option to purchase a replacement flame thrower bit. See this IO/RKD offering picture as an example.