ROTJ helmet Pepakura


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Hi all. I've been combing through these forums and found plenty of pep files, but I cannot find one for Boba's ROTJ helmet. They all seem to be ESB based on the shape. Can anybody help me out? I'd love to start work on my bucket.


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What do you mean by ESB based? What shape that would be? I ask this because all the helmets were cast from the same mold (from what we know) and the slight differences were made by the amount of extra material trimmed at the base of the helmet, the way they assembled each helmet and the way they were handled during promotional tours, filming, recasting and archiving.

The short answer is, you can use the pepakura file for all helmets, but for ROTJ (in this particular case) you'll have to remove the viewfinder (on the rangefinder) and add the 2 dental files in the rear keyhole.


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Sure, to clarify, the ESB helmet seems to have a more angled shape to the sides, while the ROTJ helmet is more straight and vertical, based on the material I've seen. See the below comparison based on 501st material. ESB above, ROTJ below.