ROTJ Gauntlets Update Man of War "pics"

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Hey guys,

Those of you who have made pre-paid orders for the new Jedi gauntlets I want to thank you for your support and patience..ROTJ gauntlets are being pulled from molds and assembled as we speak..should have several orders in the mail early next week..Some have been waiting for gauntlets and knees and/or Gauntlets and cods...Good news, The rubber material is back in stock and I am making knees and cods as well :) After some delays it seems everything is rolling along nicely now. Here are some photos of a recent set.

Thanks again,



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oh man... i REALLY want a set of these. we don't really *need* a new roof. i mean, ours only leaks a little, and only when the rain is really heavy...

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:lol: I'm leav'n that one alone TK7602 :lol:

Glad you like them guys, Thanks !

These are selling for $350.00 a set (non-painted) fully assembled, except for the rocket and keypad which are not attached for obvious reasons..Velcro closures and metal hinge design, US shipping included.

There's quit a lot of work that goes into these Jedi they're a bit more than the ESB's.

Feel free to pm me for further info :)


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Absolutely amazing work right there!

Is there a thread on the ESB's Christian? Those are the ones I would be wanting actually. I would have to get rid of the shells I am working on now, but looks like it would be worth it.

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Wow!!! They look very nice...especailly the ESBs. I'm curious why you decided to put the molex connecter on the side where the wires go in???? Is there any photo evidence for that???? Its a very cool idea;)

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Side by side :rolleyes Hmmm... sorry buddy don't have any of those monster gauntlets anymore...just the new series ESB's ROTJ and EPII version gauntlets.

In fact I'm hanging up all production work of future gauntlets for new projects...Just cant afford it anymore :facepalm