ROTJ Gauntlet switches/parts question?


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I got the majority of my gauntlet parts from RA and they are great, but I still need some other pieces. I know about the two momentary button switches, but what is the red circular thing on the back of the left gauntlet? Is this an LED? And what is that light switch looking thing on that same gauntlet?
An item name or part numbers for these would be great (including the momentary switches), if these are found parts. If not, an alternative you guys used would be great also.

We'll mine aren't as accurate as some, but I found lots of switches that worked just fine @ Radio Shack. I think the "LED" you refer to is a push button. I got 3 toggle switches and 3 push buttons for like $12. There are threads around here with the "real" switches and push buttons, but the differences are minute.
Thanks BP and Shawnpane.
BP what kind of toggle switch did you get? I only see one switch right next to the rocket in the ref. cd.

Another question: What did you guys use for the hoses and where did you buy it from? I've read the garden mates (from Australia), but at the hardware store, I saw faucet hoses that looks very similar to the ones in the photos.

Thanks again,

The ref cd can be misleading b/c the two toggle switches on the right gauntlet have been removed. They go where those two holes are on the whipchord side. I used Mini Toggle switches for those. For the left there are three push buttons, and one different type of toggle. The push buttons came in a four pack (2red + 2 black). I used the two black for the flamethrower, and painted one red button black for the one next to the missle. The red has even faded thru like the one on exhibit. For the other "mystery" toggle I used one that had a wide flat toggle instead of the round kind. Not accurate, but different enough. All from RS.

I used the white pvc hoses that come with a connector on each end from Home DePot. They look great, but are very stiff. HD also sells a clear pvc that is fairly flexible. Just drip paint down the middle if you want to change the color.

Follow my link to see my pics.

Thanks BP, I'll head to Radio Shack tomorrow with my list!!!
I dabble in basic electronics, so I might put some of these switches to use:D
I was thinking of cutting the tip of the rocket and installing a motor in the base to make the tip spin, just for effect. I was also thinking of putting and LED in the laser . . . Which reminds me. . .I didn't get this part from RA.

PM sent.
Since I am trying to nail down all of the other left gauntlet accessories, who can identify this one? It appears to be a slide switch or maybe even throw switch. The way it curves backwards, it almost appears to be a trigger. :facepalm What has everyone been using (other than toggle switches)?

You think it is just a toggle with some putty or epoxy on it from the opening? That opening is kind of messy and it could be just excess. What do you think?
See how the opening extends to the right? That makes me think that the switch would slide over, possibly to activate the red lamp that sits right beside it (not pictured). If it was just a toggle, you wouldn't need to extend the opening.
It looks like there is a small border around the switch, and a couple of holes for screws. Like a really small light switch, maybe?

1" x 1/4"?
Where is that pic taken from? I don't remember seen this kind of switch in the MoM pics or any other exhibition on the Reference CD. Probably I'm checking now....


DarthVader1 wrote:

Where is that pic taken from? I don't remember seen this kind of switch in the MoM pics or any other exhibition on the Reference CD. Probably I'm checking now....
MoM 12-16-01, Left Gauntlet - Rocket Top 03
Woa HALO_1, how can I get a hold of one of those red ones? Thats what I've been looking for too :D :love :D

To all who are reliving this thread from 2003 -
Check this out. First, this thread,

Now that you've seen that, here are the Farnell buttons that I bought not too long ago. I've got around 17 or so. You'd have to paint the Farnell button shaft black, but it's thicker like the found part. Plus the nuts are smaller (better) and the construction is cleaner and higher quality than the Radio Shack button. However the top is flat, whereas the R/S is still somewhat rounded on top. You win some and lose some. I'll probably bondo the tops of the Farnell switches to get the effect that I want.

Just the top of the Farnell switch depresses, while the R/S is one whole black plastic part that presses down (and kind of wobbles). If you don't want some of mine, you can go to: ...or,;jsessionid=Q3GXQDA4CI1SFQFIAEXSFE4AVAAS4IV3


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SingleSeatForever said:
Woa HALO_1, how can I get a hold of one of those red ones? Thats what I've been looking for too :D :love :D

Hey SingleSeatForever,

Not a problem dude, it's a $1.50 for the LED, I'll cover shipping to your location [like before:)]. Just shoot me your addy and payment, and we're good to go. :D

Oh and checkout what I picked up today. Best I could do for myself...Both the Pushbuttons in Red and the UHF coax connectors cost me $3.00 apiece, not too bad I would say. :D Just needs some black paint and I'm good to go! :)



Anyways, LMK if I can help you out with the LEDs.

Stay safe.

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