ROTJ Gauntlet Red Color?


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Hello Everyone!
Had a quick question... does anyone know the official red color for Fett's ROTJ red gauntlets?
I'm about to start painting and wanted to get the base red color right... or as close as possible.
Thanks in advance for any replies!


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Dunno about official, but there are several people who have used Floquil PRR Maroon.
Floquil was discontinued a few years ago and it's becoming very hard to find these days. :(

Fett 4 Real

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Rock Island Maroon, Model Masters British Crimson or Tamiya Flat red... those other colors are too dark for the base red. Once you weather over the red it changes visually to a similar color to those colors. But those colors aren't right.


I've seen some use rattle can Rust-Oleum Spray Paint, Satin Claret Wine. I've heard of them putting down a base coat of black before the Claret Wine. I'm thinking they used gloss black to give it some depth, but I'm not positive it was gloss or flat...


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Has somebody painted the gauntlets with Humbrol colours? Somewhere I have read about Humbrol 73... Is this accurate? Having a hard time to get the above mentioned paints in my country (Germany). Are there any other European brands? Thanks.