Rotj/ESB Gauntlet scratchbuild..

So ever since March, I have been working on the vac-form bucks for a set of ROTJ Gauntlets. Based on the WOF templates, and some modifications I have built the main structures from Sinatra and filled them with resin for solidity. The base is wooden, and it has been coated in filler primer. The imperfections in the right gauntlet don’t bother me since it will be cast as a buck. The left gauntlet top will be cast in fiberglass though, so imperfections are unwanted here. Any input is appreciated!
Looking good !! looks like it's time consuming...
I'm looking forward to see how these come along !!!
Thanks Don! Always appreciate some input. It is very time consuming.. just focusing on the small details. They all matter lol. Actually molding the upper left gauntlet half right now. Should be molding the upper right half soon.