rotj ee-3 painting colors


hey every one I'm getting to the point of painting the ee-3 (ROTJ). I'm almost done with the assembly of it and I been looking around here for the steps on painting now.
Do I first spray it silver then layer the black over it ? then sand edges to give it that weathered look or what ?
I also need to know what black to use I don't believe its a flat black.
So any help here is appreciated my fellow dent heads.


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What I did was painted mine flat black, then rubbed it down with graphite powder and weathered with silver rub and buff. The graphite turns the black to a more dark greyish blued steel look. Also if you let the rub and buff sit a few mins and buff it a little it looks like bright polished steel.

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I like the flat black with the graphite powder ieda. Sounds like a cool way to get that patina look. I may test this out on some stuff!

Anywho what i usually use i krylon black primer bcuse its ultra flat but not pure black. it had a naturally greyish tone to it. then i dry brish the entire thing with Model masters enamel silver chrome trim paint. I put a little in a bowl and dab a house painting brush into it, then dab it on a paper towel to get the bulk of the paint off the brush, then gently but quickly pass it over any areas that i want the edges to have a worn metal look and after the brush seem almost completely spent of paint, i go over the whole thing to get a touch of that silver on the rest. It should be very subtle. Then i do a wash with a burnt sienna acrylic to get a nice rusty type color into the edges. I try to do this minimialisticly to not over do it.