ROTJ Damaged Jetpack Build


Jr Hunter
Well I celebrated my 30th birthday a few weeks ago and I got to thinking what I wanted to do with the extra cash I got from some family. I decided that I'd buy a Jetpack kit and transform it into a really nice wall display.

I've always been really into the ROTJ damaged jetpack. I don't know why but I think it's just a really cool gem hidden in the films. Only true fans notice such things. I had originally bought a bunch of Poly Scale and Floquil paints to do a ROTJ SE costume but ended up changing my mind and going with the ESB version and I gotta say I'm very happy with that decision.

Anyway I have all the paints for this project so I decided to go for it. I purchased a MOW JP kit and received it today. I got to work gathering all my reference photos I had gotten from over the years and got to work.

IMG_6310.JPG IMG_6478.JPG IMG_6313.JPG IMG_6303.JPG IMG_6304.JPG IMG_6301.jpg IMG_6311.jpg

I started out by sketching out the damaged area. Then with a dremel I cut the center section out (Sorry MOW) :p

IMG_6470.JPG IMG_6473.JPG IMG_6474.JPG

I then got some plastic and heated it up in my oven to soften it. I then folded it like a hotdog and placed it into the hole and "molded" it with my hands around the curves of the damage. I then marked and scored the plastic and popped the excess off. It was a pretty good fit but needed a bit of tweaking. I used a heat gun to fine tune the plastic then used JB Weld to glue it in place. I also used industrial glue on the inside to make sure it was secure.


I then wanted to fix the warping that happened. I don't know if it's from the mold or if it warped a bit in transit. Either way it was an easy fix using some bondo to level things out. I sanded everything down and got it to a point I think will work for my piece.

IMG_6480.JPG IMG_6481.JPG

I gave it a bit of primer and will end up adding some detailed damage bits later this week. I hope you guys will enjoy watching this build. I'm very excited and will keep posting and will try to take more progress photos along the way!


Jr Hunter
Awesome thanks RafalFett!!! I'll have to decide which one I'll work with.

I made some progress today. It doesn't look like much to be honest but it was more than you'll notice. I wasn't too happy with the bondo to fix the warping so I decided to add some more in areas I felt needed it. I think it's better than it was. Just a lot of bondo and sanding. Not my favorite part.


I then added some primer and this stuff is the best I've ever had. It's a primer and filler and is sandible which I love. Fills in all the minor defects. I highly recommend it.


I also rounded out the rocket a bit. I know the ROTJ and even ESB have more rounded tips than the MOW kit comes with. I assembled the rocket and thrusters. Hopefully tomorrow I'll start with a base coat of silver and go from there!



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Great build
I never could understand how that guy up on the sail barge mannages to shoot Boba in the back like that


Jr Hunter
Moving along at a steady pace. I started work on the molten metal look on the Jetpack. I used bondo to build up some forms. Before it completely dried I took a paint brush with some acetone and smoothed out the bondo surface. I then took a SOS pad to it once it dried to lightly buff down any high points left. I then primed it to see where it was and was liking the direction it was going. I know not ever nook and cranny will be screen accurate but I think the over all effect will look good once it's all painted.

IMG_6539.JPG IMG_6540.JPG

I then mixed up a slurry of bondo thinned with acetone and brushed in a thin layer into all the details to round out any undercuts and rough surfaces. Once dried I took steel wool to buff it down and clean up the surface. Again I went in with a SOS pad and buffed things down. I primed it again and decided to add one more layer of the slurry just in a few areas to define some lines and add to the center damage. I primed it and began painting the main parts silver.

IMG_6541.JPG IMG_6543.JPG IMG_6544.JPG IMG_6560.JPG IMG_6561.JPG IMG_6562.JPG

I used Model Masters Chrome Silver and think it's coming together nicely. Tomorrow I'll hopefully get some masking done and will start on the rocket, thrusters, and hopefully the blue of the JP body. We'll see.


Jr Hunter
So I wasn't able to get really any progress shots but here is where I'm at with the Jetpack. I added the colors and a lot of weathering. My plan is to buff down the weathering to a nice medium. Then add slight details here and there. I will most likely make my fuel cap decals bigger. I made them smaller cause I forgot to add them when I painted the lines. I did the opposite and painted the lines and then realized they were a tad short and small. So I'll work on that. I also need to add details around the damage area as well as wires and such inside the cavity. But overall I think it's coming along nicely. Let me know your thoughts!

IMG_6607.JPG IMG_6613.JPG


Jr Hunter
Got some better shots today in the daylight. I will probably add a tad more weathering to the bottom of the pack and when the JP hooks and clips come in I'll paint those up and weather them as well. I'll also be running to the store to grab some wires and misc parts to put in the damaged area so I'll update that once those are all done. (y)

IMG_6628.JPG IMG_6629.JPG IMG_6630.JPG IMG_6631.JPG IMG_6632.JPG IMG_6633.JPG

Mr Fett

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Looking great. In all these years, this is only the second one of these packs I've ever seen a costumer make. So cool !