General ROTJ costume build (conversion from SE)


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The updated Michell stylus brush replicas from MachineCraft feature improved knurlings and brighter finishing like the real deal.
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Here's the previous version for comparison.
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Needless to say, I promptly installed them on my Anti-Security Blade and applied a light wash of black oil to liven them up.
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To my eyes, the shine on the new rods adds to the 'mechanical' aesthetics and provides a much-needed contrast against the overall matte-ness on the prop.
I also recently got a set of the new ones and I’m putting mine on as we speak. :)


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Well let's see it!
I’m still in the process of updating my shin tools, so no paint or weathering. Nor am I as good a photographer as tennantlim, but here they are.


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My boots were falling apart after much abuse and were due for a replacement. Although it is unlikely I will wear my costume again, I wanted a small project to work on while I still can. These will go on a display mannequin that will be a main feature in my new home.



Fresh pair from Wasted Fett


Masked the soles and airbrushed the upper with water-based acrylic; 80 parts neutral grey: 20 parts black.

Since the pipings are rubber, I was able to easily wipe the grey acrylic off with a damp rag. This is to ensure they'll grab the rattlecan paint that comes on later. I hand painted the elastic bands on the sides with undiluted black acrylic.

More masking is applied to paint the pipings with black primer.



The mid section is hand brushed with layers of heavily diluted black until desired shade. It should not be as dark as the sides.

For a preliminary weathering pass, I applied washes of black and earth ochre on the white soles, and purple around the areas where desired as seen in reference photos. Before applying the washes, I spritz the boots with water to soften the paint coverage so they look natural-ish. The black paint on the pipings have started to come apart, and that's fine! It perfectly adds to the illusion of wear and tear, which is to be expected of our seasoned bounty hunter.


Installed MachineCraft spikes that fit perfectly!

Completed weathering with layers of acrylic washes, Fuller's Earth and rounds of scrubbing.


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Damn. Sorry to hear man. I’ve got some back pain as well, and the suit is far from comfortable. I still have a MOW jetpack…I think I weighed it at like 13-15lbs?

I know one day I’ll have to hang it up. Hopefully I’ll still get some life out of it.

I’ve recently switched to droid building to keep the hobby going and to still participate in events.

Thank you so much for your contributions to this costume!


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My lower back pain has made it impossible for me to endure wearing the suit. The last time I put it on, I was in pain for two weeks after that.
Oh man. I'm sorry to hear that, that totally sucks! My time in the US Army, I can say I've endured my share of back pains as well. Lugging around 100 pound ruck sacks is not fun - nor is trooping with a 17 pound M249 SAW. Them 12 mile road marches absolutely sucked - thankfully I only had to do that 2 times in my 10 year career in the Army. (That's what Humvees are for - Haha!) I mean I don't care what shape you're in - it wears on a man. But trooping as Boba Fett and as a US Soldier.....two very different things. Still though, a few hours wearing that jetpack - it does get a bit uncomfortable.

Even though you've retired your Fett costume, I assume we'll still see you on round here? I like to think of you as one of "The Greats" in this crazy little "Fett Cosplay Industry".