ROTJ and ESB Stuff (Helmet, Gloves, braids, etc)

Discussion in 'Cargo Hold' started by Tfett40, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Tfett40

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    UPDATE 9/16/2017
    Remaining items: ROTJ Braids, Replica Divers Belt, ROTJ Shoulders and Webley Scope

    Woodman ROTJ Horsehair Wookiebraids: $110 shipped in US


    Webley 4x15 scope with stubby mounts $35 shipped in US.




    ROTJ shoulders. RKD mold, painted by me: $85 shipped in US




    Replica Divers buckle (Full Metal Fett) with Misc strapping ($40 shipped in US)



    View attachment 154566

    Woodman ROTJ Cape: SOLD
    Bobamaker ROTJ gloves (weathered) :SOLD
    Bobamaker ROTJ Helmet: SOLD
    ESB Girth belt, used. Previous DV's belt. : SOLD
    DVR resin jetpack thrusters: SOLD

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  2. NorCalCap

    NorCalCap Member

    Cape still available?
  3. Tfett40

    Tfett40 Member

  4. voxmobile

    voxmobile Member

    I want the girth belt
  5. Meowmix2

    Meowmix2 New Member

    PM Sent
  6. AdamScottFM

    AdamScottFM New Member

    PM Sent re: Thrusters.
  7. Tfett40

    Tfett40 Member

    Gloves, Girthbelt and thusters sold.
  8. Tfett40

    Tfett40 Member

    Replica Divers Buckle added
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  9. AFett66

    AFett66 New Member

    Hey, need ROTJ cape - still available ?
    Hit me up, am re-doing my Boba Fett. (PS I'm banned from Facebook, I can't even messenger - thanks !)
  10. AleFett

    AleFett New Member

    Do you still have the gloves?
  11. Mugatu

    Mugatu Jr Member

    The resin scope with real mounts still available? If so, I'll take them.
  12. AFett66

    AFett66 New Member

    $ sent for cape thanks !
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  13. Tfett40

    Tfett40 Member

    sorry taken.
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  14. Tfett40

    Tfett40 Member

    List updated: 9/16

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