For Sale ROTJ and ESB ammo belts - custom made and screen accurate

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Hi all,
First time posting in the Cargo Hold. Been trooping as ROTJ Boba since '16 (scg:sjs tk#6378). I made a lot of my soft parts myself (as well as molded some of my own greeblies). Last summer, I was bored and looking for a new project, as I was remaking my flak vest and just finished a custom coffin bass, i had an idea "What if other's would like a copy of my ammo belt?"
After an initial test run of 4, here we are. They have been added to my store as regular items. I make them to order, custom sized to each wearer. Both are screen accurate and made of vinyl. I only list as many as I can make at a time. Turnaround is about 2 weeks for me to ship out a finished belt. Price includes postage within the US.
Any questions, etc. Please pm me!

I prefer to go through my etsy as I can control the amount listed.
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I can also make custom colors/fabrics.
I also offer a discount to active 501st members, hit me up for details!

ESB Boba Ammo belt - $130
ROTJ Boba Ammo belt - $130


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