Right hand gauntlet cord thrower.


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Forgive me if either this has been discussed before or if you think I am talking cr*p but here goes;

The whip cord launcher on the right gauntlet looks rather like the tool we used at school ( in the UK )in the eighties for lighting bunsen burners. It featured a press lever (where the recess is situated) and a spark was issued at the thin end.The over all shape was VERY similar. Could one of these or at least the casing have been used? What do you think?
Nah, ur not talking crap - I remember the flint lighters w/ the sprung round end from school here in Canada.. I'll look for some ref pics in the meantime or if u have, post 'em...
Ive been looking every where for them mate with no luck so far. Its gotten so bad that I'am tempted to head back to my old school just to see if they still have one lying around!!:lol:
Waitaminit. Is this the flint thing that looks like a big safety pin? I have one here somewhere. Does it actually go on the gauntlet?
Nah mate. I know what you are refering to as we use them at work for lighting the oxy acetelene torches.
These have the same shape as the whip cord launcher but have a square trigger where the recess is located now. I would post a sketch but I do not know how or have the hosting facilities:(
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