Richard LeParmentier passed away


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Just read that actor Richard LeParmentier, known to SW fans as Admiral Motti,
passed away earlier today. :(

I got to meet Mr. LeParmentier years ago at a con in Dallas. It was his first show after
the release of the Motti action figure, and he seemed to be quite tickled that "his"
figure had been released.


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Yeah, I hated to hear this. Funny how such a minor character was so memorable.

Didn't he have a cameo in a some sort of SW spoof about a year or so ago?

EDIT: Yep, found it. Sadly it's a promo for that awful SW Kinect game but it's still neat that he's in it. He can be seen in the light colored tunic...and I had forgotten Rance Howard is in it too apparently.

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That's awful news to hear! :( My condolences go out to all his family and friends. It's always sad to hear of the loss of anyone, much less someone associated with SW.
Does anyone know the details?? I know he wasn't that old. Cancer or something??
Yeah, hearing about this was a bummer. He was a really cool guy. He was at a con here in FL a few months ago, and he seemed fine. I met him years ago at CIII and he was incredibly nice. He was one of those guys that was just tickled pink about being in Star Wars and he treated the fans with such grace. Very sad to see him go. :(


I met him last year at a local con where he was the president of our group. He lived in the same city as me so I'd see him around town every now and then and salute. Such a shame to hear about his passing as he was about to be at our next convention on the 27th April. He will be missed by all Star Wars fans across the world. The first man to be force choked. RIP.