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Wow, it's been ages since I've been here :cry ! I apologize for all the unanswered PM's! I've recently done alot of changes in my life, and it's really hard right now to do anything fett related unfortunately, even paint my new MSH :p .

Anyways, the reason for my post is to find out how many people are actually interested in a set of my lights? I can't guarantee that I'll have time, but if there's enough interest, I may be able to get some boards made profesionally? We'll see.

It's good to see that the board has upgraded, I miss TDH...

Wow Bobo, I was begining to think you quit your B.Fett hobbies. Send me a PM with more info on what you are offering. Oh yeah most of all welcome back.
Bobo! Leaving us all hanging! Welcome back!

Now that you're here... :)

One of the LEDs in the range finder went out, and I wanted to check with you what size/amp/etc to get to replace it with. Is there specific info I need when going to Radio Shack?
Hey Batboy! Good to see ya!
Which light was it, red or green? It depends. I still have trouble finding the red ones. Technically you can get alot of types, but for some reason some red led's drained the battery super fast. I can't figure it out, my calculations don't make sense.

Anyways, lemme know.
You should get ones with these specs:

40.0MCD (i tried other MCD's but they seemed to waste battery much faster. you can try other brightness values such as 200MCD+ and maybe you'll have more luck!)
Hyperdine just put one up for sale that he designed when we could not reach you. Is your still $50.00? Do you have any photos we can see?
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