Reworked Rubies helmets (pics with questions)


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Hey, i know that in stock form the Rubies helmets look horrible, but i came accross these and they struck me as kind of odd. The biggest mishap i think with the rubies helmet is the poor flare of the helmet, they just look too narrow in my opinion, but with the custom black and white helmet in the picture, doesn't it look like the flare has been seriously improved? These are custom rubies helmets with full visors in them.

Even the Jango one that doesn't look too modified seems to have a slightly better flare than some of the normal stock pictures of seen. Any explination? Ive heard that the jango mold from Rubies is a different cast than the Boba one? Could these just be customized Jango helmets?

Im thinking of ordering one from the guy who sells them.

here are a few more images from different angles.


opinions? thoughts?


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The problem I have seen with the Rubies, so far, has been the ear pieces do not ... flow with the rest of the helmet.


The distance between the side of the bucket and the ear pieces seems to be more than on any other bucket I've seen. Not too mention that flare. Those specific things make a Rubies stand out from any other bucket. Of course, I have seen some people make a Rubies look damned good, so you never know. I personally do not own a Rubies, but judging from what I have seen and read, they are crap, but given time, patience and dedication, you can make them awesome.

I will say that I did use the metal loop in my dp 95 and it worked like a charm and maybe that is what is in that white bucket. Or it has been heated and re-shaped.
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I agree with Bobanoob. The ear pieces do seem to stand out more on the Rubies helmet but with a little work can look pretty good.

I am presently working on a Rubies jango helmet. I added a 12" craft ring to round out the back. Installed a full T visor made from a welders face shield.

Also added 1/2" aluminum to the bottom of the mandibles to straighten them out. It looks better and no more flexing. It is smaller than the movie sized fiberglass helmet. Looks good on my noggin though.

I plan on custom painting it. It is great practice (painting and stuff) for me till i get a few more
$$ saved up for a fiberglass helmet.



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Rubies helmets aren't that bad, with a little work you can make them look half decent.There just small I just wouldn't reccomend one if you're over 6 ft tall. Im 6'3 and the thing looks kind of small on my head, especially with armor on.


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yup...little work on em and you can make em look decent.... here's mine, still to narrow and small, but the paint hides that a little.

saving up for a BM helme tnow though.

also because im going to ROTJ...

my bucket.jpg


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hmm.. from the back and the sides you can see its way to small for someone of my height.

but it's still a decent bucket imo (rubies Jango)


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Wow. Rubies are WAAAAAAAY smaller than I had thought. Looks at his DP95 and wonders about the comparison after the custumizations.


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My current Helmet is a Rubies re-shaped. Heated it in a car, shaped it and put it in the freezer to hold the shape and hot glued a Metal circle (from Wal-Mart) around the bottom to hold the shape. With some work the Rubies are actually pretty good helmets.