Returning after a long while. Starting a helmet paint up.


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Hey everyone. I’ve been gone for a number of years. With the mandalorian show just launching (I love it btw) it has motivated me to finally paint my lid.

I purchased a animefan cold cast boba Fett way back in 2014-2015, did the prep work, cut the visor out, drilled and mounted the ears, but never painted it. The boba paint job has always kind of scared me I guess, but this time I’m determined to get it done .

I have never painted with stencils or done a layered job before so this will be a huge trial and error process. Still debating weather to rattle can or buy myself an airbrush?

I will be attempting a ROTJ style helmet. Will post updates soon.


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Welcome back man! I’ve been collecting parts for over a year and a half. My helmet is in the same spot as yours haha. I’m going to paint everything in 2020 though! I went all in and am going to learn to airbrush.


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Yeah I know that feeling, I had my helmet master done up for close to a year before I finally grew brave enough to call it good and permanently turn it into an expensive silicone mold.

With painting though, I say definitely just do it. It's never too hard to hit the eraser via some sandpaper and give it another shot if you really don't like it, and tbh you'll probably find it easier than you think.

And yeah rattlecans can be great, especially for just a trooping-level job. Just don't overspray till it's runny, and follow the recoat time instructions closely and you'll be fine. Airbrushes are mostly advantageous for their much wider color options, and much smoother spray surfacing, but they do take a bit more tinkering to use though, mostly in just thinning correctly and keeping the damn things from not clogging up. I'd recommend a single-action if you do, much simpler and better for large spray volumes like a whole helmet surface. Paasche H is a fantastic SA brush.