Reinforcing Plastic Pistol Grip


I'm building an EE-3 blaster, and am using a toy pistol grip for the grip. I'm finding though that the grip is very flimsy (hollow), and would like to find a way to beef it up. Is there something I can mix up and pour inside that will harden and adhere to the plastic to not only hold everything together, but also to make the whole grip and/or gun feel more substantial? I've thought about epoxy-type substances, but didn't know if they're cure in there...



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Id say some resin would work fine bud, which is pretty much an epoy...if you have an epoxy and enough of it use that...u helmet is about to be done btw once I epoxy the bolts into the ears pics coming soon will post em up here in the helmet section


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If my response isn't too late, you might find that melted down hot glue sticks tipped inside will do the trick, but without any toxicity.