red left gauntlet light: what do I need to buy?


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I'm sorry if this was covered in an earlier post, but I did a search and came up empty. I was wondering if anyone has a "shopping list" of exactly what is needed to install the little red light at the back of the left ROTJ gauntlet. I've never installed any electronics before. I plan on heading out to Radio Shack soon. Thanks!
Although not screen accurate, I bought a red lamp (#272-712), a 9V battery connector (#270-324), and a DPDT Submini Slide Switch (#275-407).

With the 9V, the lamp stays lit for about 6 hours, and is not hot enough to melt the gauntlet plastic. I used industrial sticky-back Velcro to secure the battery to the inside rear of the left gauntlet, next to the flame thrower housing.

Works like a charm!
Hold your hand over the light...take it off...hold your hand over the light...take it off...hold your hand over the light...

Radio shack sells flashing leds.That is what you want.
Be carefull to figure out if you need AA's or A 9 volt.In most cases the 9 volt is to much.It will blow the bulbs.You will want to buy A transistor to cut the power.
Hmmm. Halo 1. You seek Halo 1.

He has access to a little shop of bits that does very accurate lights. Someone also did a thread about how to dis-assemble the unit and install an LED. Installing a flashing LED should be a piece of cake.


batninja wrote:
Hold your hand over the light...take it off...hold your hand over the light...take it off...hold your hand over the light...

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I was going to say, Close your eyes, then open them etc...
but you beat me to it.
To Fun!
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Thanks for all the great advice everyone. Halo 1 I did seek. Hopefully once I assemble all my parts I'll be able to figure out how to install them!
ok I am a major electronics guy so listen to me.Go to radio shack and get 1 blinking red led light 1 swich just choose one that looks the best to you. and one double a battery holder.make sure it holds two batterys.hook the red wire up to red wire and so on.on the led hook it up one way and test the circit if it does not work swich around the led it shoud work.solder and install.
At 5mm, that may be too small for our accuracy issues, but there may be a way to fabricate a decent housing for a bulb that size. Thanks for the info, I'll have to check that out today...

batninja wrote:

Hold your hand over the light...take it off...hold your hand over the light...take it off...hold your hand over the light...


Wait a minute...I thought we had that problem solved with bat's low-budget solution. ;););) :lol:
if you are worried about accurcy, get a push buton swich that lights up. it will not blink but it will be bigger.
You'll find that 90% of the folks on this board are extremely concerned with accuracy, since that's one of the main reasons we're all here. If it wasn't for input from other costumers like us, we'd still be using Super Soaker units for jet packs and combat boots for Fett shoes! :)

There was a thread a few months ago from a fellow member who had found the accurate lamp housing (in the UK, I believe), for both Boba's and Jango's gauntlets. Like I said, your blinking LED, combined with that lamp housing, or one like it, just might be what alot of us are looking for.

Again, thanks for the info!
I think I have this solved. I picked up a flashing light at Radio Shack for under $4.00. I also got a black plastic toggle switch and dremeled it down to try and resemble the correct switch ans well as dremeled the inside of the red light to allow for the flashing bulb.
I am preparing to mount the battery pack to the upper recess of the gaunt and am splicing the positive wire to the slider. This will enable the slider to be more than decorative.


This will save on the strain of all that blinking in trying to produce the flashing effect ;) ha-ha :lol:

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