Reconstructing my DP 97 DELUXE. ...Pics.


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Ok guys , I have grown tired of looking at my DP97 DELUXE with its terrible paint job. I decided to strip it and re do it myself. The visor has been removed and will be added with a welders shield. The inside foam will be completely stripped and redone with other cushions and hard hat liner. I applied putty to alot of sections and wetsanded the whole thing to make it look better. What I'm trying to do is to make this DP deluxe my ultimate helmet for my JEDI outfit''for now''. Honestly ,I'm not too crazy about this helmet made out of fiberglass cause the rest of my entire armor is made out of metal by me and I'd like to keep it all that way. In the future I will make another helmet out of metal to replace this one. So this will do for now. OK....OK ... on with the progress pics.
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