Received my skygunbro vest and jumpsuit! Awesome!!


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Hey all, I just opened my door to find a priority mail box from skygunbro!! I rushed to my room and opened it up to find a great looking jumpsuit and vest. At first I was a little worried when I held it up against my body, but when I put it on it fit PERFECTLY! It was the generic medium/large vest and jumpsuit which says should fit anyone 6' to 6' 4". I am exactly 6 feet, but I feel that if I was any taller it might be a bit more snug than I'd like. It is very comfortable I feel like I could lounge around the house in it, which would be a very BAD idea. Anyways once I charge up my camera I will post some pics for you guys to ogle. If you are looking to buy a jumpsuit or vest I highly recommend sending skygunbro an email or heading over to his site.


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hey, congrats!!!! i know how it feels when you get stuff for your costume in the mail :) do you have any pics of it?

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Hey, how much did u pay total? If you mind I ask
What color is it? ROTJ grey or ESB blue?

I just checked out the website and that suit looks real nice

Do u got ur pics up yet?


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I got mine from him too. I had to drastically alter the vest and the jumpsuit is tight in some spots and to big in others. I am not speaking bad about him as I very much recommend his stuff but sometimes it is not an exact fit. I love my stuff and i am very glad he made them for me, Just make sure you send as many measurements as you can.


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I made a cardboard cutout of my body to display it on

YES!!! , I finally took some pics heh here's the rest of the pics in the album


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sithlord23 wrote:

the other pics don't look as dark. The ones on the site that is.

D'oh! I really have to start paying attention. Yeah, it looks much less dark on some of those pictures. Looks like a really well constructed item.



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it's not actually that dark, just bad lighting. It's a ROTJ suit, maybe tomorrow I will take it outside into the natural sunlight for some better pics


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I bought several things from him: Helmet, gauntlets, suit, vest and belt bags. Very impressed with his workmanship. He's also excellent with his customer service. I highly recommend him if you need fett stuff....


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sky is a very good guy. He won't do you wrong. Like all makers, he may get slow, but all his items are worth the wait. I ANXIOUSLY wait my clone pilot helmet :)


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I bought my fiberglass helmet from him. He does great work and is an excellent guy to work with. I'd definitely recommend checking him out if you have a chance.


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I cannot get a hold of sky. I PM'd him but still have gotten no response, I really want one his jumpsuits, how much do they run?


I just bought a Clone helmet from him on ebay (are we allowed to talk about makers?), but he hasn't replied to me as of yet. Not sure if he's busy. I hear good things, but I worry........not much luck on the Clone front for me- KAW for instance.

Still need new armor, though. Old suit's outclassed by the other guys. Used to be, Clone armor wasn't so good.;)