Rebranding the Dented Helmet

Art Andrews

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You are all probably thinking this is an April Fools joke, but I assure you, it is not. After 5 years (and 1 month), TDH is finally rebranding. Since the creation of As You Wish, we have struggled with an identity and logo. When we made the change to The Dented Helmet we found our name but not a logo. For several years we have used the “angels” logo, graciously provided to us by the ever-talented Dustin Crops Boy, but this has always been something of a placeholder and there has never been a true unity between the forum, the logo and our frontpage. The time has come for a change and after a long life, we will be retiring the angels logo and introducing a new TDH logo at C4. The new logo is well under way but has not been finalized at this point. However, the work I have seen so far is very promising and will give us a more professional appearance and unified identity. The new logo is very simple and straightforward, able to make a striking statement without excess glitz and glam. We are painfully aware that no one likes change which is why we have held off on making this move for so long, but hopefully you will give the new look and feel the benefit of the doubt and allow it to grow on you. Those who have seen it so far have quickly grown to love it and I hope all of you will do the same.

So what does this change mean? Nothing in terms of how the board is run or the great people who are its members. We are still as dedicated as ever to providing the BEST Boba and Jango costume information available on the net within a family friendly and cooperative atmosphere. We will simply be operating under a more unified and professional banner.

This of course will bring questions regarding shirts and the coin. Your current TDH shirts are still valid as the angels logo will always be a part of TDH history. We are working with Dustin Crops Boy to have new shirts available for C4. In regard to the coin, we are still working on options and trying to determine whether we still want to offer a limited run of a "vintage" coin with the angels logo, or simply offer a new coin featuring the new logo. Look for posts regarding this in the near future.

With all of this in mind, I have pulled out just a few of the many variations of banner and logo we have gone through in years past, desperately searching for an identity. I hope those of you who have been here from the beginning enjoy this little trip down memory lane and I hope all of you will enjoy the new logo when it is unveiled at C4. Thank you for your continued support of this website. While we hope the new logo adds to our presence, it still is and always will be YOU that makes TDH great.

This is the banner that started it all in 2001 at the As You Wish ezboard.



This was our banner and frontpage graphics in Feb of 2002.




We changed again in Nov of 2002 and introduced the now famous angels logo.



A few small variations from Dec 2003.



And a major change in July of 2005.


With a variation in Nov of 2005.


In Dec of 2006 we changed to our current front page format.

Below are a few variations of or current logo, fondly dubbed the "angels" logo.




Katua Fett

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Hmm i cant wait to see the new logo. One of my favs was the july 05 and the variation. And dont forget change is good. Look at how Boba changed his fathers suit! Not saying one is better than the other!! Either way im actually sad that i have to wait till C4!!!!!!!!THats like a whole freakin month man!!! You cant make me wait that long!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :cheers Seriously though you guys and gals couldnt have picked a better time so heres wishn luck!


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I totally think we should do a run of "vintage" coins with the old logos. Then do another run with the new logos. Some day in the far future it will be nice to look back and see the older members who have the "vintage" coin and remember when that logo was around.


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I think this is a great change....will miss the Angels logo though.

This thread does make me feel old seeing all the old Logos....:(


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Ah, the ones from 05 were my favorite, but I never would have guessed it was that long ago.

Will we be able to vote on the new logo?


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Being an Art director of 15 years myself, I love the recent TDH brand, it can only get better!

(y) You have my supprt!


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I remember lurking on As You Wish once and then I lost the link untill I ran into TDH in 2004. Alway liked how the front page changed every few months. But a logo would be nice.


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I noticed that Zam costuming wasn't mentioned in the opening post... I hope that us Zammers will still be considered a part of TDH! Otherwise I don't have an issue with a new brand or logo - The ever-talented DCB will come up with something great! :D

Art Andrews

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Will we be able to vote on the new logo?

No. We are having a number of people look at the new logo for suggestions and revisions but will not vote on it. As a general rule, we do not vote at TDH; the coin design being an exception.

I noticed that Zam costuming wasn't mentioned in the opening post... I hope that us Zammers will still be considered a part of TDH! Otherwise I don't have an issue with a new brand or logo - The ever-talented DCB will come up with something great! :D

While Zam will always have a home here at TDH and Zam fans will always be welcome, our new logo, which is much more simplistic in design and scope, will focus primarily on Boba's helmet as it falls in line with and best represents our board name. We hope this doesn't offend the dedicated fans of Zam and we hope you will continue to use TDH to make your amazing costumes.

Additionally, DCB is helping us in the area of shirts and swag, but the new logo is being created by another talented artist.