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Discussion in 'Clone Wars & Rebels Costumes' started by shenphong, Sep 20, 2017.

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    Finally thought I'd get working on my jetpack, going, so far so good and rocket currently being printed. Someone just pointed out that its remarkably similar to the commander cody jetpack so looks like a "conversion kit" will be happening in the future.

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    and the rocket is in
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    That's a very nice start. And yes, I thought Cody's pack was definitely the base for this pack.
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    Bit of an update on the pack, the final design is complete at this point. I will possibly make changes as I go on, one suggestion was thinning out the back mount (updated in the last photo) but I'm pretty happy with it overall at this point. I've even made a couple add on parts to convert to a more clone trooper jetpack look for those who've asked me to do a custom version.

    Jetpack is easily assembled and pretty lightweight, used magnets to loosely mock up a mounting solution but still working on something a bit sturdier. The back mount is hollow so you can add magnets or straps or clips for however you want to mount it on your back.


    Clone version addon:

    Hope you all like it! This will make a nice addition to my wife's sabine build.
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    Just finished this imperial super commando mando jetpack. Weathered to go with weathered gear. This is the size L version. Yes I forgot to mask off the center...didn't realize that till after I painted it and the back mount could be smoothed out more but since its being attached to someones back and covered, I just left it as a quick job. This was a one day build from assembly, to sanding, priming and paint of the 3d printed jetpack kit. Last photos for reference.

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  7. PD14

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    This is Awesome. Usually, I don't like this type of jetpack, But what you did is amazing. Keep up the good work.
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    Nice!! Would it be for salesa
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    Looking Super Nice !! You have a great looking pack you've designed there !!!

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