Blaster Real Found Parts EE-3


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Finally, my real parts EE-3 has come together. Beautifully assembled by scottjua of Crucible Custom Props.

As far as Scott and I know, this is the first EE-3 build with every possible found part that has been identified to date:

Real 1917 Webley No. 1 Mark 1
Real MPP Microflash
Real 4x20 Scope
Real V8 Connecting Rods
Real Molex Connectors
Real AM Ariel Plugs
... AND, last but not least, the recently discovered Unimax failsafe switches

A big thank you to
scottjua, intwenothor, as well as RPF members OdiWan72, oneeyedgiant, and edraven99 for helping me acquire all of these beautiful parts! This prop will be cherished for a long time.







video: Found parts real Webley Boba Fett EE3 blaster
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Love found part blasters, nice work :)

Dont forget the tension wire that binds the two front screws and the sling! And if you're going all out, remove the MPP innards.

What scope did you go with, Andy convinced me years ago that the Hunter 4x20 was correct. You can totally see the H of the Hunter logo uncovered on the reticle end of the scope.



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Beautiful EE-3 brother! I agree with JB, you should remove the MPP innards for accuracy.

Also, the Large B port hole on the MPP should be oriented on the top, not the side.

black and white fett Large B-port 1.jpg


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What Cameron said. More or less that middle tube section on the front scope mount face should line up with that space of metal in between the large B port and the the E holes and then theres the two added holes opposite this on the bottom of the flash. Beautiful build! :)