Real chest armor VS trash can armor ???


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The trash can armor people are making looks great. I am using sentra or PVC that I picked up at a sign shop and using the trash cans to get the shape; however, it seem the real armor has more curves to it's surface. Looks like peck muscles are there. Am I correct, or were the actual chest plates that simple? Also, what it the color most of you are using to painy your chest armor. Is Mark Bradly's "spruce green" pretty close, or has a more accurate color been found? THANKS
The "real" armor is more form-fitting as it has been sculpted (usually on a torso plate of some kind). It's pretty hard to get flat plastic to have multiple angles of curve.
yeah, the screen-used armor is sculpted...trashcan armour backed with foam-board or something would be better than flat sintra, IMO.
I am working on a method of hydraulic-pressing sheet steel to form armor, cods, helmet cheekl dents, etc. I'll update after I experiment a bit more.
I am making a dented variant using trash can armor, and one thing i can say its it cuts the bill if u dont have a lot of money. also, i have been trooping in a fanforce for since november, as a jedi....

that was my first costume, very cheap, but it worked. Even tho my costume didn look like padawan obi-wan, thats what people seen in me, and thats what i was going for.


$350.00 later, i look more like obi-wan. I guess what i am saying is, if u dont have a lot of money, start with trash can and work your way up, even if it doesnt look 100% perfect in your eyes, to most people, it will look 100%...(((unless you get someone that studies pictures of the characters:lol:))) But if you have the money, and want to spend it, then i would go for the real armor........i hoped i help in some way.
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