Jodo Kast Ready to start my Jodo Full FORCE need help/advice


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I am ready to jump in to my Jodo build feet first but need some help locating the things I need as I am still very novice at this. Some of the links I had 2 years ago are no longer good. So any help is appreciated.

Is there a Jodo helmet available or do I just go with a ROTJ Fett and fill in the dent?

Is there a larger armor available as I am about 5'10 230lbs and broad shoulders so I am looking at nothing less than a 2xl shirt size?

And a good place to get soft parts and anything else you guys have.

The biggest stumbling block for me when I started this is the belt there anyone making these yet or do I still have to try and fabricate them myself? I have been using as my main reference site but most of that stuff is no longer available.

So again any and all help will be greatly appreciated. I am also going to post this in The Bounty Hunters Guild to see what help I can find there as well.

Thank You all.


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I make a version of the armor in larger size (WOF large sized templates). I probably make the largest available (to my knowledge anyway). If you're interested hit me up.

As for the other parts, you can hit up Arkady or Crazy4bobafett for the jumpsuit (I don't know if LSFU is still active or not), batninja for the vest. Woodman makes capes (I believe) and braids. MOW and Fett7even make excellent jetpacks. MOW also makes boots, gauntlets and flightsuits and vests as well. Asok and Animefan for the helmets (I believe they both make them without the dent). 99centtaco makes belts and there's a guy over on BHG (Delta13) who does very nice leatherwork as well. Not sure if BBF is still in the belt making scene or not right now. That's all I can think of just off the top of my head.

That should be plenty enough to get you started, good luck!!


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Thanks That is exactly what I needed I had an idea of what I needed just wasn't sure where. And I def. will be hitting you up for some armor in the next 2 weeks

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Welcome to the club mate, I shouldnt speak to much since my build is not 100% complete (kind of stopped because the ole garage is a little bit cold without heat haha), but in my opinion of the best builds on here is Scar's build. I believe his represents the comic the best. Since there is not a lot of Jodo's floating around out there, a lot of the stuff is fabricated. I tried to make everything myself (which is partly what is taking so long, but it happens) but there were a few things here and there I bought that were Jodo Specific. If you need to you can reference my build for what I did on certain things, and you should definitely check out Scar's because I based mine off of his haha.

I also have an extra flight suit and vest that is WAAAY to big on me that I originally intended to use, but ended up making my own if you are interested. I believe they came from Arkady and its a ROTJ Boba suit. For the time being it is just taking up space in my basement haha. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

On another side note, I have not personally dealt with RKD, but I have seen his work and you wont be disappointed with that either. Cheers :cheers