RaptoR's 1st real Boba Build


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Hello My Name ist Patrick. I come from Germany.
A few Years ago I started with a Stormtrooper Costume and now I wanna start my new project :)
2 or 3 years ago I bought a Rubies Boba Fett with a lot of work and fitting... It looks for the most people great but a Pro (and I, and my wife too) see the difference.
So now I gonna start my Project with some Parts from Bobamaker :)
I will show you where I'm gonna stay right now :)
I Bought an airbrush an a cabine for my painting job.
The shoulders from my rubies was my first try. For the first paint job I think it looks good. I read a lot of posts and topic for my work. That was a great help! Thanks! The support is awesome.
I hope I can join the 501st at some point :cool:
Before and after

Finished Rubies Boba Costume

My Bobamaker parts

my Airbrush and Cabine

My first paint jobs


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Hello! I'm from the danish border, Schleswig-Holstein. I'm registered in the 501st forum but I didn't write the last time in this forum


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Hello There!
Here are some Update about my Project:


The Softparts and Jetpack ist ordered by Bobamaker and comes October.

I have some questions:

Do you know the right Color from Humrbol from of the Gauntlets?

I find some Boots and the AmmoBelt from Imperial Boots.
Are these parts okay for the 501st? I know the boots need some work and the Alu Parts are missing.

I'm searching for the right Wookie Braids. I've heard these on my Picture are the wrong for the ROTJ Hero. (I didn't look exactly to the CRL...)

Where do you get the Girth Belt?

Thank you and I wish you a successful hunt :)


Hello RaptoR !
And greetings from Germany, too :)

Glad to see you get started. I have to say, those plates look really good. BobaMakers Website is really good but its a little hard to try and imagine how the pices will look in real life. Thanks for posting!

I myself am more of a builder, not a painter. Painting Boba is something that I am really really "worried" about. So any details on how you got into painting, whar colors you did choose etc. would be a very interesting read!

Do you already have a helmet? I see a visor lurking around there...