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A while back I was asked how I got a 9volt battery to light up my range finder lights. I am just now getting back to that topic, so here is a quick how to.

Please note, this is the crude version. I cannot find the on off switch I had, but this will, hopefully, give you the vague idea.

First off, the trick was to get two lights, red, from Radio Shack. To power them with a 9v that will not kill the lights, get two red 4.5 volt lights, which, believe it or not, are quite powerful.



The wiring set up. I am not sure if you can see this, but each light has two wires coming out of it. A red one and a black one. What I did was take the two, make it one wire and covered it in heat tube. I did this for both lights.


drilled a small hole into the rf and put the wires through, close the rf.


What I did for mine was to run the wires parallel with the stalk into a small hole in the helmet.


Once I ran the wire, I used chrome tape and dull coat. You couldn't really tell.



My flash was on, but you should still be able to see the lights on.


This is connected to a regular 9 volt, with the flash off. now, originally, I had a push button on/off switch from radio shack that was placed here:


So, that's how I did it. Hope it helped. Good luck and remember Fonzie could do it.

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